Hello World,

                   What a beautiful start to Spring, time to put a ring on it I can feel the love in the air


Long Life, Good Health and Love to you all






Hello World, 

                 So many beautiful brides to marry, one some of favorite things being a celebrant 

Is listening to love stories and watching the transformation of the brides and grooms.

It is always casual on the first meetings when getting to know my coupes.

Then on their wedding day  it's like watching Cinderella fr the first time, they always take my breath away

when they coming walking down the isle dressed in all their glory, deep down I am just a hopeless romantic.

Coming up to 5 years as a celebrant I am so excited I have been asked to perform a re-newal of vows 

Love truly is in the air I feel it all the time and it leaves me feeling warm and fussy inside 

I love my life and all those that enter into my world.


Long life, Good Health and Love to you all 




Hello World, 
Wanted to share a blog a fellow celebrant Brad Whitelock has put together, thanks for sharing Brad some great information for anyone planning to Wed. There are 200 reasons to give Pre marital counselling a try for the first 100'000 to apply for a trial grant being offered by the government. You may learn something about yourselves and if it helps build a stronger connection what have you got to lose? 

Long life, good health and love to you all


14 December 2015 - Claim Your Name Renaming Ceremony
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What's in a name?  “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language” - Dale Carnegie As we accept people for who they are or who they were born to be we are entering a new era of acceptance.   Renaming ceremonies are an increasingly popular and positive way for an individual or couple to officially change their name and then announce and celebrate with their family and friends. There are a number of reasons why an adult might like a name giving ceremony, including having missed out as a child, having legally changed your name or, perhaps, having undergone a gender reassignment. You can have a god parent or mentor, it is just as significant as baby naming There ain’t no age for rock’n’roll nor naming ceremony it can also recognise and celebrate your life-journey to this point, your achievements and anything you care to acknowledge   As part of my services I write personalised ceremonies for all occasions, which will be presented to you in a keepsake ceremonial book, as well as certificates on the day.  I also cater my services to suit your location needs, whether you decide to hold your event indoors or outdoors, I can easily accommodate to both. Furthermore, I am equipped with a wireless PA system that is compatible with USB, iPod dock, CD player and microphones – so that you have one less thing to organise on the day of the ceremony. Please do not hesitate to contact me to answer any questions you might have and see how I can help you with your special day.  read more...

05 May 2015 - Weddings in Australia brought to you by Celebrantplus
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Marrying in Australia Australia is a big beautiful country with some amazing locations to marry I am located in Perth and cater to surrounding areas there are some fabulous wineries, stunning parks and majestic beaches So how can you get married in Australia?  You do not have to be Australian to marry in Australia, though there are things you will need to consider If you log in to the attorney generals link below this will answer all of your questions for you Click on to families and marriage at the top of the page If you then click on to Marriage in the left-hand column it will take you to the getting married in Australia Being a registered Marriage Celebrant I can help you with all the steps to Marrying in Australia Once you decide you want to marry in Australia click on to marriage forms in the left section of this page Where you can download the NOIM The NOIM can be filled in and witnessed in your country, And will then need to be sent through for me to file one month before your wedding can take place I can organise a letter for visa once you book me for your wedding And guide you through the necessary steps for creating your perfect and unique wedding ceremony   If you would like to Learn more about Marrying in Australia contact Leisa at Celebrantplus read more...

07 April 2014 - Renewal Of Vows
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Hello World, Life is forever changing nothing stays the same, everyday little changes occur in our lives sometimes it takes us time to realise them.  I have recently have married some couples who have been together for many years and a few with renewal of vows  it is truly beautiful to see. It would be amazing to see my young couples back some day, to say: "I married ? & ?, today we are gathered to witness the renewal of the vows they made to each other many moons ago. To still see that spark that leaves me warm and fuzzy inside, like the feeling I got today when my twin girls arrived from Melbourne today I have them for 5 days and tomorrow is my day so I will be back to blog another day. Until then be safe, long life, happiness and love to you all Cheers Leisa   read more...

18 March 2014 - Another weekend of weddings
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Hello World,  Another weekend of weddings, this week I married 2 couples on the 22/2, one of the grooms I used to babysit many moons ago, and the other groom was 79 yo, and going strong, both Brides looked stunning and both weddings were magical. So glad I could be a part of them Congratulations to my happy couples may life treat you kind and find you happiness at every turn.  Long Life, good Health and love to you all  Cheers  read more...

18 March 2014 - Keeping Busy
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Hello World  Keeping busy is what I like to do ~ big weekend with my family my beautiful granddaughter Gracie turns 1 and i get to spend Sat and Sun with my Grandson ~ I really love being a part of weddings and my work ~ but when I Can I absolutely love spending time with  my family ~ wishing you all a fantastic weekend  Long Life Good health and love to you all  Cheers  read more...

18 March 2014 - Little Goals
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Hello World Well the new year is upon us ~ it is always exciting to plan for a new year setting little goals to achieve ~ My number one goal is to be the best I can be at every challenge I take on ~ wishing you all strength and power to take you through to next year~ May all you goals and plans take on a good shape Long life ~ Good health ~ and love to you all Cheers   read more...

18 March 2014 - Weddings After Christmas
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Hello World  Christmas is upon once again ~ Have 5 wedding back to back after Christmas so much not time for the wicked this year ~ I have met and married some beautiful couples this year ~ looking forward to another year of meeting new couples with stories that I love to hear ~ wishing you a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year  Long life, Good health and love to you all  Cheers  read more...

18 March 2014 - Christmas Is Here
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Hello World  Have you been naughty or nice? all will be revealed soon How quickly has Christmas happened upon us ~  Long Life, good health and Love to you all  Cheers to the New Year and all it may bring read more...

18 March 2014 - Family Fun
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Hello World,  Another year almost over, time to reflect and plan for next year, I am going to do mine over the next few weeks, no Weddings until after Christmas then full speed ahead into the new year. Hope you are already for family fun and festivities with 16 sleeps to go Long life, good health and love to you all  Cheers  read more...

18 March 2014 - Remembering Names
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Hello World,  Thought for the day so what's in a name? Well everything when you are a celebrant So many names, so many soundings, so many tongue twisters  Oh boy! do I have some very testing ceremonies approaching Please let me get their names right on the day do you think you can over practice?  Lucky I have recordings,  time to be positive  I am going to nail these three names by sundown  Long life, good health and love to you all Cheers  read more...

18 March 2014 - Marlee Pavilion
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Hello World  Had a fabulous day Saturday with Brian and Natasha  They choose a traditional ceremony and made their vows at the Marlee Pavilion at kings park It Truly is a beautiful location indeed the views were breath taking  It is very private in one of the new areas down Forest Drive definitely worth a look Great for weddings I hope the wedding party had a fantastic night I really do love weddings read more...

18 March 2014 - Japanese Culture
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Hello World,  How I love the Japanese culture and I am so excited to be marrying a Japanese couple soon, now to study up on some Japanese weddings rituals ~ unfortunately they want a small wedding pretty casual but I will challenge myself to find something symbolic to add to this occasion  Long life good health and love to you all  Cheers read more...

18 March 2014 - Brides and Babies
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Hello World  What a busy start to the year I am having so many stunning new brides and beautiful new babies coming my way I am so honoured to be a part of these milestones. Looking forward to an amazing year of meetings, marriages and namings ~ 2014 and love is definitely in the air  Long life good health and love to you all Cheers  read more...

18 March 2014 - Valentine's Day
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Hello World Well it has been some fun and relaxation for me the last few weeks ~ but the party must end full steam ahead for me, kicking off on Valentines for a weekend of 2 weddings and a naming. Good name for a movie  Long life good health and love to you all Cheers  read more...

18 March 2014 - Ceremony at Hyde Park
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Hello World Back to busy for me, was nice rest while it lasted I am glad I love my work, makes the busy times easy to get through Both weddings were beautiful, one very small and intimate, one not so small with ice creams and games for the guest while photos were happening, everyone looked to be having fun indeed. I officially named Imalah in a lovely ceremony at Hyde Park, on Sunday lots of laughs when Imalah got loose and tried to run for the swings in the middle of the naming, I so love the children wish I had their energy  Long Life, good health and Love to you all Cheers  read more...

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