Hello World,

                   What a beautiful start to Spring, time to put a ring on it I can feel the love in the air


Long Life, Good Health and Love to you all






Hello World, 

                 So many beautiful brides to marry, one some of favorite things being a celebrant 

Is listening to love stories and watching the transformation of the brides and grooms.

It is always casual on the first meetings when getting to know my coupes.

Then on their wedding day  it's like watching Cinderella fr the first time, they always take my breath away

when they coming walking down the isle dressed in all their glory, deep down I am just a hopeless romantic.

Coming up to 5 years as a celebrant I am so excited I have been asked to perform a re-newal of vows 

Love truly is in the air I feel it all the time and it leaves me feeling warm and fussy inside 

I love my life and all those that enter into my world.


Long life, Good Health and Love to you all 




Hello World, 
Wanted to share a blog a fellow celebrant Brad Whitelock has put together, thanks for sharing Brad some great information for anyone planning to Wed. There are 200 reasons to give Pre marital counselling a try for the first 100'000 to apply for a trial grant being offered by the government. You may learn something about yourselves and if it helps build a stronger connection what have you got to lose? 

Long life, good health and love to you all


18 March 2014 - Married Hiroshi and Haruka
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Hello world  Married Hiroshi and Haruka at Trigg 8th March even though I skinned my knee climbing the rocks to perform the service, I had a beautiful time with you both and your friends so special to be a part of your special day Thank you so uch for including me in your Celebration BBQ it was an honour to attend thank you wishing all the best in everything you do together Congratulations  Long Life, good health amd love to you all  Cheers read more...

18 March 2014 - Jessica and Graham
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Hello World,  Well another year seems to be speeding away in top gear, I had the honour of marrying a beautiful couple on Saturday 1st March at Lake Smith reserve in Leederville what a beautiful very secluded little park. I met 4 generations of their families such a warm group. Wishing you and your family all the best for your future together Jessica and Graham  Long Life, good health and Love to you all  Cheers  read more...

17 March 2014 - St Patrick's Day
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Hello World, What a fine St Patricks day indeed, Though green beer by the full moon Sounds like it could be a worry for sure. Wishing all my Irish friends & everyone, A happy and safe, Full moon St Paddys Day/night Long Life, Good health and love to you all to be sure, to be sure. Cheers read more...

16 March 2014 - News
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Hello World         Have recently returned from a trip to Japan, I must say one of my highlights was dressing up as a Geisha Girl I was thinking how cool would a Japanese themed wedding be ~ I must be turning Japanese   Long Life, Good Health and Love to you all   Cheers   Hello World,          The year is starting out so busy for me, I think I need a clone   Long Life good healt and Love to you all   Cheers   *********************************************************************************************     Hello world, and so another year draws to a close; time for reflection and making new plans. Wishing you a fabulous year ahead may peace rule the world. may the New Year bring wondrous adventures and new beginnings Forgive quickly, love with all your heart and always dance like no one is watching,  Take care be safe   Long Life, Good Health and Love to you all   Cheers   *************************************************************************************************** Hello World                Have married another beautiful coupe at Roselea Boulevard estate in Stirling on Saturday what a lovely little park  was a great wedding lovely family.  Everything went off without a hitch wishing Scott and Erin all the best on their journey together    Finished the weekend with a rehearsal at Yanchep National park looking forward to marrying Sam and Karen on Saturday weather is looking to be perfect, guest arriving from all over the world to celebrate in the crystal caves what a treat for them all   Long Life, Good Health and Love t you all    Cheers        ********************************************************************************************************** Hello World                  Have been busy with weddings on the weekend two beautiful couples both weddings were so unique and beautiful,   rehearsal today wedding again Saturday. I love the love I feel when families come together it's enough to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside    Long Life, Good Health and Love to you all    Cheers    Hello World                 Jumped 125 meters down read more...

24 May 2013 - Code Of Practice For Wedding Celebrants
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Code of Practice for marriage celebrants(regulation 37L) 1 Application of this Code of PracticeThis Code of Practice applies to marriage celebrants (being personsregistered under Subdivision C of Division 1 of Part IV of the Marriage Act1961). Note: Under paragraph 39I(1)(b) of the Marriage Act 1961, if the Registrar ofMarriage Celebrants is satisfied that a marriage celebrant has not compliedwith an obligation under section 39G of that Act, including this Code ofPractice, the Registrar may take disciplinary measures against the marriagecelebrant. 2 High standard of serviceA marriage celebrant must maintain a high standard of service in his or herprofessional conduct and practice. 3 Recognition of significance of marriageA marriage celebrant must recognise the social, cultural and legalsignificance of marriage and the marriage ceremony in the Australiancommunity, and the importance of strong and respectful family relationships. 4 Compliance with the Marriage Act and other laws A marriage celebrant must:(a) solemnize marriages according to the legal requirements of the MarriageAct 1961 (Cth); and (b) observe the laws of the Commonwealth and of the State or Territorywhere the marriage is to be solemnized; and (c) prevent and avoid unlawful discrimination in the provision of marriagecelebrancy services. 5 General requirements for marriage ceremoniesA marriage celebrant must respect the importance of the marriage ceremonyto the parties and the other persons organising the ceremony. To that end,the marriage celebrant must do the following: (a) give the parties information and guidance to enable them to choose orcompose a marriage ceremony that will meet their needs and expectations; (b) respect the privacy and confidentiality of the parties; (c) maintain appropriate facilities to interview parties and provide officefacilities, including facilities for the secure storage of records;(d) within a reasonable time before the marriage ceremony: (i) confirm all details with the parties; and (ii) ensure the return of all personal documents belonging to the parties(unless it is necessary to keep the documents for the ceremony); read more...

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