Weddings are a very joyous time in life, not only for the bride and groom but for all those concerned.

I love participating in Weddings, I write a personalised ceremony and sort through all the legalities required.

I present a ceremonial booklet on the day, for a keepsake of the ceremony, with pages for guests to sign.

I strive to be the best that I can be, plus. 

Why Did I Become a Celebrant? 

I love celebration; coming together with family and friends, with good food and good company – These moments are priceless.

Celebration motivates people to get together, it is always good to catch up on old times, and toast to those to come.

These memories will be remembered with laughter and tears, around a table at anyone’s home, with food, music and cheers.

Precious Memories are Made:

One of my other passions is poetry, prose, literature.

I love poetry nights listening to the lyrics, sitting and writing until the sun pushes the moon goodnight.

Stringing words together like perfectly cultured pearls, beautifully woven into a cultured necklace of your life. 

With your help I put together personal service for all ceremonial occasions.

I love weddings,

I love seeing love all around me,

I love the laughter,

The connections rekindled,

The nerves, the hype,

The Groom shaking at my side,

When the music starts,

Everyone stands and here comes the Bride, 

The procedure for having me conduct your wedding ceremony is as follows:

If possible, a first meet is preferable:

Though sometimes geography does not permit, if you contact me we can discuss what you can do.

* This meeting is casual, we get to meet and get a feel for each other,

* Be prepared with Id to file paperwork then if you decide to book we can file NOIM

* Birth certificate or passport if using birth certificate one form of photo ID

* One of you will need 100 point check for ID when applying for official marriage              certificate.

* It is best to meet a few celebrants if time permits, shop around there are                      some wonderful celebrants in Perth, if I am unable to full fill your requirements.

* I am always happy to direct you to a some celebrants I know personally.  

* I will help you fill out the NOIM (Notice Of Intent To Marry form).

* This must be filed one calendar month before the wedding is to take place.

* You will need to bring with you, your required Id.

* At this first meeting we can also discuss your needs or requirements for the day.

* If you are not in the state we can communicate by Skype phone and email. 

* If you are overseas we can Skype and email.

* We will need to meet before the wedding day, to sign off on the statutory declaration,

* This can be done on your wedding day, though this will need to be completed before      the ceremony is possible. 

Please remember this when planning your wedding...

I will require a save the day booking fee when filing the NOIM that is non refundable,

with the remaining monies to be paid on or before the wedding day.

My service fee includes; your official marriage certificate valued at $48

That I personally lodge at BDM, next working day after the wedding

Location for the wedding is no problem, whether you want to be married indoors,

outdoors, at a park or beach.

I am equipped with a PA system that runs on a four hour battery, which is compatible with an iPod dock, CD player USB and also with microphones.


Full Weekend Ceremony $550 (inclusive of PA and Signing Table & Chairs)

Commitment Ceremony $450 (inclusive of PA and Signing Table & Chairs)

Legals Only Ceremony $450 (Ceremony only)

Weekday Ceremony $500 (inclusive of PA and Signing Table & Chairs)

**Travel within the Perth metro area is included (please enquire for cost if outside of the metro area)

***All ceremony costs include your official wedding certificate lodgement with BDM valued at $48

Refund Policy:

Please note that save the day deposit is not refundable.

In the event of cancellation of the ceremony more than 14 days prior to the ceremony if remainder of the account is paid in full,the balance of the account will be refunded in full.

Any refund payable for cancellation within 14 days prior to the ceremony will be at my discretion.


Sample Wedding Ceremony


I would ask if you have not done so already to please turn off your mobiles to be here with no distractions to share in this special occasion   

Good afternoon I would like to welcome you all to Kings Park on this Saturday the 18th day of October 2014 To thank you on behalf of David and Viri, for coming together to celebrate this their wedding day  As we witnesses David and Viri make their vows to each other in your presence today  

I would now ask you to take a moment to share a thought, for all those Family & friends whom could not join with us today  

The Giving: 

I will now ask who brings Viri to stand beside David. I Pedro do  

Pedro; are you willing now, and always to support and strengthen this marriage, by upholding Viri and David with your love and support? 

Pedro: I do ~ thank you Pedro If you could please take you seat    


My name is Leisa Joy Stenton 

I am duly authorised by law to solemnise marriages in accordance to the law in Australia. 

Partner 1 and Partner 2, before you are married in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses today 

I now have to remind you of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship, in which you are about to enter. 

Marriage, according to law in Australia is the union between 2 people to the exclusion of all others, voluntary entered into for life.              

Partner 1 & Partner 2:

Partner 1 met an acquaintance of Partner 2, while working on a film. This acquaintance, who we will call Cupid, had a feeling or, maybe a vision that P1 and P2 should meet, and set it up to introduce them. 

There was an instant attraction, so P1 and P2 started dating, P1 was becoming extremely smitten by P2 and started serenading them at a local karaoke venue that they often attended. 

It was later when P1 introduced P2 to wrestling and when they fell in love with the sport, that was when P1 knew they had found the love of their life; they have been inseparable ever since. 

From their first meeting they have formed a strong connection; their love and commitment to each other grows stronger with each passing year 

Today we gather to witness as they enter the next chapter of their lives together  

Without further ado I will now ask P1 and P2 to face each other 

As they make their vows before us here today       

The Asking: 

I will now ask you P1; do you take P2 To be your lawful wedded partner? 

Do you promise to serenade them until the end of time, to desire and love them, honour and protect them 

for all that they are and all they will become In sickness and in health, for the rest of your life: P1: I do!   

I will now ask you P2; do you take P1 to be your lawful wedded partner? 

Do you promise to desire and love them, respect them honour and protect them for all that they are and all they will become

in sickness and in health, for the rest of your life, P2: I do   



Will you now in the presence of these witnesses please repeat after me. 

I P1 call upon the people here present,  to witness that from this day on, I take you, P2 to be my lawful wedded partner.    


Will you now in the presence of these witnesses please repeat after me. 

I call upon the people here present, to witness from this day on, I P2, choose you, P1 to be my lawful wedded partner.       

Ring Exchange: 

May I now have the rings please? 

The rings remind us of the vows you have made with the relationship to the emotional seat of the heart P1 & P2, wear these rings as a visible symbol of your unity and love. 

The circle is a natural symbol of eternity as it has no beginning and no end, we place the ring on the left hand because it constitutes a direct path to the heart, a traditional metaphor for love. 

P1; please repeat after me, P2, I give you this ring as a symbol of the vows I have made to you and my love for you. Let it be a reminder that I am always by your side and that I will always be a faithful and loving partner to you. 

P2; please repeat after me, P1 I give you this ring as a symbol of the vows I have made to you and my love for you. Let it be a reminder that I am always by your side and that I will always be a faithful and loving partner to you.   

~ P1 you may now kiss P2 your partner ~   


You may now like to have your cameras at the ready For the signing of the marriage register  


Family and friends, P1 and P2 have declared in front of us today, 

on this day, Saturday the 18th day of October 2014, their enduring love and support for each other. 

They have made a special promise to each other symbolising this with the exchange of rings. 

So by the powers invested in me as an Authorised Australian Marriage Celebrant 

I declare before me, 

P1 & P2 to be legally wedded.   

I would like to congratulate you both and ask family and friends to now come forward as we welcome the newlyweds. 



Leisa Stenton 
M: 0402 826 161